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Cancellation Policies

Late Arrivals
We ask that clients who will have to arrive late contact the therapist. In order for the massage therapists to maintain their busy schedule, the appointment time for a late client may have to be reduced so that the remaining appointments will proceed on time. However, the late client will be responsible for paying for the entire session. If you are a new client, please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time in order to complete any necessary registration forms. All other clients should plan to arrive at or prior to their scheduled appointment time.

Cancelling an Appointment
Clients who cancel their appointments must do so 24 hours prior to their appointment time. If less than 24 hour advance notice is given, the client will be responsible for the charge for the entire session.

Any client who does not show up for his or her appointment for any reason will be charged for the entire session.

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