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Modalities & Rates

Swedish - $60/30mins | $95/60mins | $135/90mins
This is the most common form of massage. Swedish massage uses gliding, stretching and kneading techniques to relax the muscles, promote circulation, relieve aches and pain and decrease stress. 

Deep Tissue - $60/30mins | $95/60mins | $135/90mins 
This form of massage utilizes focused strokes with deeper pressure to release tight or knotted muscles, which promotes circulation, and aids in pain management. 

Trigger Point - $60/30mins | $95/60mins | $135/90mins 
Trigger points are tight areas within the muscle tissue that refer pain to other areas in the body. Trigger point therapy uses palpation to locate these tight areas that can cause issues such as headaches and utilizes pressure and release techniques to loosen these areas and relieve pain. 

Prenatal Massage - $60/30mins | $95/60mins | $135/90mins 
Pregnancy massage therapy offers many benefits including alleviating backaches, leg cramps, reducing swelling/edema, relieving pain, and enhancing sleep. Clients must be in the second of third trimester. 


60 Minute Session Packages
5 sessions (300 minutes) - $425 SAVE $50
10 sessions (600 minutes) - $800 SAVE $150 

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